Mortgage Services in Aurora, Ontario

I am a full service mortgage broker and have expertise in all areas of mortgage lending. My skills are above industry standard as I remain focused on keeping current with market trends and lender guidelines.  Hailing from northern Ontario, I also happen to be friendly and down to earth :)

Buying/Financing a Home

Whether you are a first time or multi time homebuyer, the process of financing can be stress free if handled by a seasoned mortgage professional. I work closely with your realtor and lawyer to ensure a seamless, on time and successful closing. Together we will discuss down payment options, rate and mortgage product selection, CMHC, Land Transfer Taxes, First Time Homebuyer privileges but more importantly, how to navigate the presentation of your mortgage to a lender in order to maximize the approval outcome. I will also share with you tips and tricks to pay your mortgage off in record time without breaking your wallet!

Renewing a Mortgage

Your renewal is a crucial time in your financial life and should not be taken lightly. Together, we can review your lender’s offer to make sure it is competitive. If the renewal terms are sound, I will make the recommendation to stay with your lender however if I can improve upon it, we can make the decision to leave. Many Canadians lose thousands of dollars in higher interest charges by simply taking the renewal offer sent by their bank. Don’t be fooled into a false sense of loyalty to your lender. Let’s make sure they are doing best by you relative to the current marketplace because after all, renewing your mortgage carries no penalties or legal fees!

Consolidating Debt and Accessing Home Equity

My mentor and mortgage guru has a saying….

“Be in control of your money, not it in control of you”

As a former banking/financial advisor, I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge that I put to good use for the betterment of my client’s financial well being. Accessing Equity in your home is a powerful way to take control of your finances and can often turn the tide back in your favour if you have experienced a financial life event. Whether consolidating debt accumulated from a mat/paternity leave, acquiring funds for a home renovation or other wealth creation/investment strategy is your goal - I have you covered! Let’s sit down and review the many ways to optimize your money and get you in control!

Investment/Rental Property

Strategic planning is crucial to the successful acquisition and growth of an investment/rental  portfolio.  Together we will look at lenders best suited to your vision, how to structure your portfolio in order to maximize growth and future acquisitions.  I can also leverage my accounting network to assist with tax planning and filing.  Leveraging my experience as a seasoned real estate investor, I will share with you all I have learned.  This is an excellent wealth creation strategy!

Handling your mortgage during separation and divorce

This can be a very stressful time filled with emotionally charged decisions.  Having dealt with many separation files over the years I can say with authority that by and large, the best solution is to attempt settlement of your financial untethering together, rather than in a combative and legally costly way. There are many lending programs designed to assist in dealing with matrimonial debt, equalization payments and taking over sole ownership of an existing matrimonial home. I will always be respectful of your particular situation and ensure confidentiality is maintained on both sides of the presentation.

Commercial Mortgages

The span of commercial lenders is as varied as the type of property being financed.  Banks tend to favour larger ( $1 Million and up ) transactions, while mono-line and credit union lenders operate in the smaller space.  No matter your need, I strive for a true collaboration going beyond a transaction mindset in order to learn your business and how best to tailor a commercial mortgage solution to your needs.  Whether you are looking to finance a shopping plaza, industrial unit, medical building, multi unit apartment building or even a mixed use space we will take a comprehensive approach to getting the right commercial mortgage for you and your small business. 

Private Loans

As a full service mortgage broker, I am licensed to represent both a private investor as well as a private borrower.  Do you have money to lend? I have guided many clients interested in lending funds out for a fair and equitable return as well as brokered a fair and equitable rate for the borrower on the receiving end.  I do not believe in gouging clients especially in a time of need. Private financing is meant as a short term solution to a financing issue.  I always work with my private clients both before and after the loan is extended in order to ensure a clear and concise path is laid out for all contingencies. Pricing for private loans on both sides of the equation is a measure of risk and each situation is as unique as the borrower or lender.  We will also leverage legal counsel and advice before extending any private loan to ensure FULL DISCLOSURE and understanding is achieved.

Locations Served

While I am physically located in Aurora Ontario, I also happily travel and service Vaughan, Markham, Richmond Hill, Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Newmarket, Barrie, Georgina, East Gwillimbury, Bradford, Oshawa, Ajax, Pickering and anywhere in between!

We can meet in person or, conduct the entire transaction electronically using any technology you prefer.  Skype/Facetime conferences also available so we can put a face to the name